Monday, February 15, 2010

Doing it, just to prove I can

Saturday's swim really re-energized my desire to work out and amplified my desire to prove to myself that I could swim the full 1.2 miles under the time limit for Timberman. 

Because of President's Day, I had the day off from work. The pool didn't open until 11:30 today, so I figured this was the perfect day to sleep in, and then really give my all at the pool. And boy, did I.

Saturday I did 1700 yards in 48 minutes. Today, I did 2100 in 58 minutes. Again I wasted about a minute with my iPod and time checks. So not only did I go the full distance, I did it at a slightly faster pace than I did the mile on Saturday.

This is really exciting because know I'm moving this goal from a dream to a reality.

Following a plan has been a big part of the success. Most days I know exactly what I'm supposed to do when I hit the gym; that workout goal is tied to my ability to finish Timberman, so I have to do the work. Today was a rare day that I got to pick whatever I wanted to do, and do it.  

There was no plan for it, no push from Rachelle. No big dinner last night to work off, no competition tomorrow. Just me and my desire to prove I could. Because no matter the plan, no matter the encouragement, it has to be me, every day, deciding that this is not what I do, but who I am. And that I do it to prove I can.

To me.

A couple side notes:
  • I picked up a couple bike tools today at a local shop that is sadly going out of business. Unlike many towns, Boston has so much competition for bike sales that there's no way they can all keep up. It still stinks losing a local store though. Remember, a couple dollars cheaper for a part or tool from a website is often made up for in the cost of shipping; and you can't replace the know how and customer service you get from a local store. I've learned a ton from local shops both back in Columbus and especially here in Boston. Often, if you do a lot of work yourself but have something quick you can't quite finish, they'll throw it up on a rack and finish it up for your free of charge. No website is gonna do that for you.
  • A kind thanks to those who have commented as well as those who have shared this site with others. Your well wishes mean a lot, and help with motivation to hit the gym after a long days work.

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