Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The winter doldrums and some notes...

Like many people living in northern climes, my mood is sometimes affected by the seasons. Winter in particular gets to me. I like snow, though not as much as Rach (she actually asked me earlier this year if I would move to Alaska!), and after a while the cold begins to wear on me. One thing I've noticed is that it's sunnier in winter here on the east coast than it is in the Midwest. I think that has helped lessen and delay the onset of the winter blues until now.

One of the benefits of triathlon training is that I've really experienced the endorphin "high" that comes from exercise of late. Earlier on in training it would take me above even my normal perky self; now it helps me keep an even keel. When we train first thing in the morning, it can really make a difference in my day. Of course lately, it's been tough to drag my butt out of bed, even to swim, which I love.

So the challenge to myself is for the rest of this week to get up early and get in my morning workout.

Now some notes:

  • Not content to mock the just the cycling world while raising $ for cancer, Fat Cyclist is now doing an Ironman. His recently betrothed, "The Runner" just got him through a marathon. I can only imagine what it will take for him to complete another marathon; this one after a 2 mile swim and a 112 mile bike ride. Kudos to him and to Timex for pushing him to do it. I'm sure he'll succeed.
  • We STILL don't have "The 2010 Berry Family Triathlon Schedule" done, but I do have a few key dates:
    • 5/9 - New England Season Opener Sprint Tri - Hopkinton MA.
    • 6/12 - Hyannis Sprint I -  Hyannis, MA
    • 8/22 - Timberman 70.3 - Gilford, NH
  •  My side has stopped hurting. This is significantly good news, because it lets me get back to being a little more aggressive in the pool. I'll still take it easier this next couple workouts as a precaution.
  • My heel has not stopped hurting. While this is bad news, it finally led Rach to lift her "I'm not your athletic trainer" rule in order to evaluate my foot. It appears to be a Achilles heal and/or Plantar Fasciitis  injury. The good news is that this can be treated through ice and stretching. The bad news is that I haven't seriously started run training yet, so it needs to get better FAST!
  • Rachelle and I have scheduled our honeymoon for July 5 - 12. We're going to London and Paris. We talked about it and feel this gives us over a month to recover and finish preparing for Timberman. Plus, we'll use training as an excuse to cycle or walk whenever possible on the trip. Definitely taking the good shoes with us.

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