Thursday, February 25, 2010


I don't have a cohesive theme for today, but I have some odds n' ends::

  • After the food debacle of Sunday I had a nice reinforcement tonight. Rach took today off, and I wanted to watch the Canada/Russia hockey game. I told myself I'd work out after... and I did. I planned on doing an hour, but with a long swim in the morning and my foot still not 100%, I stopped after 30 minutes. But it was a solid 30 minutes, up near 80% of max heart rate for about half the ride.
  • I apologize if the blog ever sounds like I'm trying to be more poignant than I probably should for a blog about being less fat and doing triathlons. I can't promise it will stop, but I'll do my best to contain it. I've always been a writer, I like date movies, sappy music, and happy endings. sue me. ;)
  • We're less than 6 months from Timberman, and I have yet to run at full stride for more than 1/4 mile at a time. I can shuffle/jog for quite a while, but to get a time I can respect, I'll need to get going on the running. Hopefully next week I can start on that.
  • I finished paying off the honeymoon last friday. So from July 5th-12th, this blog will go from workout diary to travelogue. We're going to London and Paris. I hope to see a bunch of landmarks, visit wine country, and ideally ride bike at a couple of places where they hold Tour de France stages. Of course, I'll still be working out, especially just over a month from Timberman. But we'll have to be a bit more creative, and very vigilant so we don't go overboard on french cuisine or british pub food.


  1. I like the poignant aspects, I think it gives your blog character.

  2. Thanks Bengi! I like it too, but sometimes I feel like I'm being self important or writing the blogging equivalent of "deep thoughts" LOL