Thursday, February 11, 2010

Well, that lasted one day

Rachelle woke this morning to her phone alarm set for 5:30, and hearing the sounds of the BU grounds people fighting off "snowmageddon", she turned off the alarm and went back to sleep assuming the weather was enough to keep us from the gym. Because I didn't hear the alarm, I didn't wake to check. When light streamed in through the curtains at 7:30, I woke up to realize I wouldn't be getting in an early morning swim today.

With that, I took the frosty cold lemons I was given, and made them into a core workout, right there in our bedroom. Ok, maybe that's not the way that saying works, but close enough. I did reps of several different types of crunches, enough to get my heart rate up and get going for the day. We'll still hit the gym, and ideally the pool tonight. 

The worst part, of course, is that "snowmageddon" didn't really come last night. The BU groundskeepers were just shoveling the light dusting off sidewalk to prevent falls and more importantly, lawsuits.

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