Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Falling off the wagon and into the kiddie pool

Did any of you hear a really loud thud on Sunday around 6PM Eastern time? That was the thud of me coming back to earth after almost two months of steady progress.

Normally, when I decide to have a bit of a food binge/bender, I usually like to blame this guy:
You can tell just by the jumpsuit this guy is a douche

But this time, I'm going to blame this guy:

Giving children nightmares, one game at a time

You see Sunday night, just a few hours after I posed for the picture by the river showing off my svelte? trim? somewhat less expansive physique, BU Women's hockey had their last home game of the regular season. Afterwards, I was invited to join the team for the post game meal. A buffet, no less. Pastas, meatballs, fried chicken; the works. And let's just say I got my monies worth. 

Oh, and did I mention this was actually my second dinner? Immediately prior to the game, an annual chili cook-off between the various on campus eateries. Not a huge chili fan, I figured it would be easy for me to show restraint. And I did a fairly good job, sampling the chili in small servings, and only getting seconds of the turkey chili. I even had a can of Pepsi thinking that my dinner points would be low enough that I could afford 3 points of sugary carbonated goodness.

In reality it just meant I was already pretty full when I got my plate and got in line for the buffet. 

And that's not all: Rachelle brought out leftover pizza from the locker room, not knowing about the buffet. So of course, I had some of that too.

Normally, I'd have gone ballistic for doing the food equivalent of waking up in Vegas in an off-the-strip hotel with a hooker named Candi and no memory of the night before. Instead I decided that sometimes these things happen, and that while clearly they can't happen often, to be completely disciplined in all situations is to be in moderation in none.

Wow, that sounded deep. Clearly, that doesn't happen often, so I'll rephrase for those who aren't used to me waxing poetic: What I meant was that I get 35 extra points a week, and I intend to use them, just ideally not all at once in the future (and definitely not use double that amount in a 3 hour period). 

Anyways, going from 319 on Sunday morning to 324 Monday wasn't a lot of fun and certainly not the way i wanted to kick off the last week of February. And even though I wasn't going to beat myself up over it, I intended to make sure that weight was gone pronto. We were scheduled for a long swim, but having missed the morning workout we went right after work. Of course, the pool was full at that hour. To workout together Rach and I would have been 3 to a lane with someone else. Not exactly the ideal situation, especially for the people who have to wait for me to finish a lap while circle swimming. 

So instead of waiting indefinitely for a swim lane, or perhaps scrapping our workout entirely, and Rachelle feeling a bit unmotivated lately, we decided to play. The recreation pool and lazy river were open, so we acted like kids and just enjoyed our time in the water. Doing the longest handstands, playing chase, holding our breath, etc. In the lazy river we swam against the current for a few laps, and that may actually have been harder than the 2100 yards we had planned. 

It's now Tuesday morning, and I am almost back to the 319 I started at on Sunday. More importantly I was reminded that playing is just as important as working hard, and hopefully that will stay with me a lot longer than those pounds did.

PS. I completely forgot the most ironic part of this post. Drawings are held among the fans in attendance at each game, and after attending most of the games, and being one of about 150 fans on average per game, I had never won anything. Until Sunday night, when I won 2 free hot dogs from Spike's Junkyard Dogs. As a penance for all of the eating I did Sunday, I am giving the 2 gift certificates away to the first person who emails me or comments and says they want them. Spike's has really good dogs, and locations in MA, RI, and CT. 


  1. Hey, everyone falls off the wagon sometimes - now you just have to climb back on. I have fallen off and seen the wagon drive away, so at least you are ready to climb back on it future Timberman! Focus on your successes, keep moving foward. I am on the wagon myself, so no dogs for me! Cheers,Mandy

  2. Mandy, thanks! I'm not going to let the wagon get very far. It hasn't been my ideal week, but I'm still working at it. Im going to watch the 3rd period of olympic hockey tonight at the gym to get in a ride.