Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm a dork

I was never "cool" in high school or college, and frankly I'm still not. Sometimes I try to act cool, and hopefully some people occasionally mistake me for cool when they see me in one of my finer moments. But last night, no one would have mistaken me for cool as a I did a little dance in my room.

See, I got to Myrtle Beach after a long delay in Charlotte, and found out my room is AWESOME! In fact, the entire hotel, the Dunes Village Resort, is awesome. When I found out I was going to be stuck in Charlotte and not going to make it to the hotel before the restaurants closed, I called ahead to place an order for delivery to my room. The folks at the front desk inadvertently transfered me to the wrong number (twice), so when I got there, no food. 

To make up for it, they had a gift certificate to a local late night pizza place that delivers to the hotel on the bed waiting for me. So Laurel (Rachelle's sister and my tour guide for the week) and I ordered and ate The Best Pizza Ever. Extra cheese and 4 kinds of meats, including filet mignon, delivered at 1 AM made one very hungry guy very happy. 

You never know what you're going to get in a room, and when it says King Bed Studio, I expected very small with a decent window view of the water. Instead, a room about half 1/3rd the size of Rach and I's apartment with fold out couch, 2 TV's, and a full kitchen was waiting for me when I got here. Talk about a nice way to relax before my race.

This morning I got up and put the bike together, went over to the race site when packet pick-up opened and got all my stuff. There's some great swag (including a shirt that actually fits!) I'll get pictures of for the race recap on Monday. Plus, I got to meet Wendy Peel, the USAT Club Coordinator. I've spoken to her on the phone, and she's super nice so it was great to finally meet her. 

I just got back from my shakedown ride to check out the bike, and I'm gonna take a quick swim before Laurel gets out of class, and then go be a tourist for the rest of the day. Tomorrow is gonna be a couple hours of fun and suffering to put a cap on the season.

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