Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yay! Recovery day!

After a four consecutive days of workouts, Rach and I have rest day scheduled today. Normally, I wouldn't take a day off after just four days, but with races and workouts, we won't have another day off scheduled for the next two weeks. That means taking today off isn't really optional, it's sort of a must in order to give my body a day to rest.

That also means I have to be extra vigilant about my food intake. We've mostly been avoiding eating away from home, with the exception of Subway and what I ate on Saturday at the hockey game. I've been packing my lunch which allows me to keep my points in check. I make sure to pack snack bars to keep from getting hungry in the afternoon and wandering to the vending machine or worse a restaurant in search of other food.

I had another good run last night which put the end to week four of my couch to 5k. I do feel faster. I'm not tracking distance with a GPS because I don't want to get discouraged or frustrated by knowing my pacing, but I did run most of 1/2 mile in less than 5 minutes last night. We're familiar with the distances of the path we run on, so I'm seeing what feels like improvement. I guess I'll know better on Sunday how I'm coming along.


 - Rach and I will have the 2011 calendar put together in the next couple weeks along with the road races for the rest of this year. A couple of really good running tests with hills this fall, and some great races for next year. I'm getting really excited and I'm really happy to be training again at more fulfilling clip.

- Related to next years calendar, I have been looking into the charitable aspects of racing, and are hopeful to make an announcement next month about doing at least one race for a charity next year.

- Can you believe it's almost mid-October? A little less than 8 months until our next 70.3, and 11 months until our first Ironman!

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