Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Some days even the little battles are big battles

Preface - First, a quick welcome to all the visitors who found me via USA Triathlons bloglist. It was very kind of them to link to my blog out of the thousands of triathlon blogs out there. I hope you'll find some value and/or entertainment here and stick around. I welcome comments (and criticisms if you have them) and responses either here on the blog or at my email address. Also, if you've recently found me outside of the USAT bloglist, well... welcome to you too!

Work today has been shall we say, confrontational. I won't go into the boring details except to say that we're going through a lot of growing pains and I find this all very stressful. And if there's one surety about my response to things, its that when i get stressed; I eat. My willpower has been pretty strong lately, but today wasn't looking too good.

I didn't pack my lunch today because we're out of sandwich meat and peanut butter (at the same time no less!) so i was forced to buy my lunch today. The really stressful meeting was right before lunch, so off I went to the lunch counter with dreams of pizza, steak subs, french fries, and non-diet soda in my head. Here in New England restaurants with names like "Athens" don't mean you're stuck with Greek food. In fact, they offer everything I listed above and more.

Getting there, the two friends and co-workers I had been having to disagree with (not personal disagreement, job responsibilities requiring us to represent different needs type of disagreement) were there, so I of course felt even more awkward. This made me even more ready to eat something bad. Then the lady at the counter asked for my order and that's when it really got tough.

I looked at the menu and everything that was grease filled and salty called my name like a mothers voice speaking soothingly to an upset child. The worst part is that their pizza is readily on display in one of those rotisserie display cases. I've had it before and can attest they earned their 2008 best pizza in town award.

As the counter woman stood ready to take my order and the folks in line behind me waited anxiously for their turn, I stalled, trying to figure out what I truly wanted. Thats when the thoughts went through my mind about how much work I'd been doing, and that I had an off day yesterday, and Paddy's is only 4 days away. And that's when I made my decision.

Lean roast beef, no side dishes, drink the diet soda waiting for me back at my desk.

I know that's a lot of drama just for ordering a sandwich, but some days the effort that goes into making a healthy food choice is as much of a workout as going for a long run.


 - Speaking of running, Monday night was my last day of week 4 of my Couch to 5k. That means I start  week 5 today. I'm pretty excited because it means I'll be running 15 out of the 21 minutes of the actual workout, with 5 minutes of warm up and cool down.

- I've been getting a few offers by coaches willing to take Rach and I on as clients. I recognize that it's part of growing their business but it was still nice to hear that we seem "especially coachable" and that my attitude "is the coaches dream". We've thought about looking for a coach, but at this point we're pretty much restricted to self-coaching via online training plans because of the cost.

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