Friday, October 8, 2010

It's been seven weeks, can I be pissed now?

I hear repeatedly that my positive attitude in the face of the pretty significant challenges I undertake is what attracts many of the readers. I hope you won't mind if this is one of those rare days that I don't have that super positive vibe going. In light of the circumstances, I think you'll be able to forgive me.

Remember that nail I pounded in the wall to be the place of honor for my Timberman finishing medal? Well, as of today, almost 7 weeks out from the race; that nail is STILL EMPTY. That's right. The medal that signifies the completion of the my goal, the culmination of all my efforts, and a major milestone in my progression from just some fat guy, to a much less fat guy who has pushed himself to and beyond his limits.

It's not like I haven't been patient, or haven't been proactive. Originally, we were told it would just be a week until they sent the medals. Then we were told 2 to 3 weeks. Then we were told 3 to 5 weeks. We were told 3 to 5 weeks 2 weeks after the race. I've reached out to the World Triathlon Corporation (Owners of Timberman, and producers of the medals), and their athlete representative told me the medals were already shipped once.

That last email exchange was early last week. She told me that they would ship me another by the end of last week. Their headquarters are in Florida, so a medal shipped last week should have been here by now. I recognize that they may be pretty busy getting ready for Kona (Ironman World Championships), but seriously, there has been more than enough time to get these medals and get them out to us.

I have to be honest, I was beginning to wonder if maybe my results weren't being recognized for some reason. Like maybe because I didn't finish in under 8:30 that my results were being recognized by the race officials but not Ironman. But I checked, and as long as you finish before the course closes, your finish is official. So it isn't that.

And I found out yesterday that I'm not the only one who hasn't gotten theirs. I've been able to find at least a couple others who have not, and I haven't really tried that hard to find more. I knew Rachelle had been one of the last ones to get the correct medal, but one of the folks I found finished only 12 minutes after Rach at 7:42 and still hasn't gotten hers, either.

I'm sorry if this sounds petty or whiney, but it means a lot to me and I really would like my freaking medal.


- First Weight Watchers weigh-in of the session. I've lost several pounds in the past couple weeks, and I'm hoping that will be reflected in todays results. I would have liked to have skipped breakfast to get a number when I'm not carrying around a bowl of shredded wheat in my stomach, but was just to hungry to wait for lunch to eat. I'm showing amazing restraint today during the Morning of Temptation. I may even grab a cheese bagel to put on my desk to save for lunch, just to show I can have it right there and not eat it.

- I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wanted to go for a mountain bike ride last night along the Esplanade. It's a car free area, well lit, and has almost no joggers after dusk. I even rigged a light to the handlebars so I could ride more safely. Unfortunately, I didn't look at the rear tire until I was completely ready to ride. Totally flat, and with no spare in the house. I'm going to stop for a spare on the way home today, and ride tomorrow on the trails at The Fells.

- Running again today. I've been reading a lot of folks out on the web wondering if Couch to 5Ks get any easier as you move along. I think for some of us, they're supposed to be challenging each week as you move up. The challenge is what lets you know that running is not something most people just pick up. The effort you feel in getting through each run is how you know that you've accomplished something.


  1. Every right to complain. Amazed that the medal has not been sent yet. Was shocked they did not have enough at the race and you would think they would want to make that up to you quickly. Here's hoping it comes in soon. Enjoy your ride this weekend!

  2. I still have not received mine yet either and am also starting to wonder. Actually, I still don't understand how they could run out of 70.3 medals in the first place. Don't they know how many folks are doing their race in advance?

  3. Easy answer. Yes, it has been more than enough time to get more medals sent your way. That is a huge accomplishment and deserves an awesome medal to go with it!

  4. That is ridiculous!! You have every right to be angry! That is crazy to me that you haven't gotten that yet. After all of that hard work, you deserve that medal. Have you contact the RD and asked what is up? Contact Keith Jordan, the RD. He is a good guy and maybe a note to him would help speed things along. Seriously, it is the most ludicrous thing I have heard, having to wait that long for a medal.