Monday, October 25, 2010

A week to look forwards to

This weekend was decidedly low key. I didn't work out after Thursday night. I started coming down with something on Friday evening, and by Sunday I had a full blown cold. We went and watched a little of the Head of the Charles regatta on Sunday afternoon. This is a can't miss event in Boston, if for nothing other than the massive amount of free healthy food samples that could fill a fridge for several days. In fact, we did just that are enjoying the benefits. Probably got 3 days worth of additional healthy snacks AND a 3 mile walk out of the deal. Plus we got to watch some great rowing.

The rest of the week will be far more up tempo with quite a lot going on.

- Tonight, we're headed to Wheelworks in order to hear US Elite National Champion Jarrod Shoemaker speak about training. He won the National Championship earlier this year, and is a MA resident. He and his coach will be sharing some of the techniques they use in Jarrod's preparation throughout the year, and how they can be applied to the average triathletes' routine.

- Tomorrow night, they're having a rowing clinic at Community Boating specifically for triathletes. The idea is to show how cross-training with an ergometer (rowing machine) can really benefit triathletes. My guess is that it's a good way to build lean muscle while burning some serious calories and that it works lots of muscle groups. As a Certified Athletic Trainer, Rach says in her experience that it's also a workout in which people are often injured, so hopefully they'll teach us the right (and safe) way to do the exercises.

- Saturday we're doing a Halloween 5k at the local YMCA just in our neighborhood. It's a bit hilly in that area, so it will be interesting to see what they have chosen for a course.


- In what amounts to last weeks news, I lost about 1 pound on Friday. Still have a long way to go, and it's time to step on the gas. No crap food this week, and I'll be working out every day.


  1. The Concept2 website has information about erging for triathletes as well. Odds are, you'd be erging on one of their machines, so you might take a look.

    I think the erg works a little less of the body than real rowing, but it is the most full-body workout I've ever done. The key is learning to use your legs correctly, and learning to keep your back straight. You have to do it slow until you get the body motion down right.

    I'll lure you into a rowing shell yet! :D

  2. Concept2 is actually who is doing the thing tonight. Will be interesting to see. I'm excited to see what it's like.

    I'm quite capable of being lured into a rowing shell, i'm just afraid said shell will be lowered into the depths of the river when it happens!

  3. Ben
    If you are going to spend $$ on anything, spend it on signing up for a boot camp. I can't say enough about how fun mine is, I've only lost a few pounds but I don't have much to loose. totally fun, what you put in is what you get out and based on what I've seen of you, you'll get a lot out. Don't be discouraged that you have only lost 1 pound, at least the scale didn't go in the opposite direction

    Mary in NC

  4. Mary in NC -

    The reason I haven't signed up for a boot camp yet, is that I am positively terrible at all of those basic exercises. Doing them individually doesnt make me feel bad for holding up a class from hitting its goals for a session.