Thursday, November 3, 2011

drinking and sleeping

Somebody is drinking plenty of liquids and getting lots of sleep in my house...

... sadly it isn't me.
I was reading the other day that it takes 4 days to properly hydrate leading up to a race, and so it's no surprise that someone with my sweat rate (roughly 8 gallons per hour), it's something I need to be concerned about. I know my race is just a long sprint, and the weather is cool, but I've been drinking a 32 oz G2 every day this week to supplement my normal fluid intake.

After the horrendous day Tuesday, I had a very good Wednesday and a pretty good Thursday in terms of both training and food intake. My Tuesday run was a tougher one, I tried a 2/3 run/walk interval set, and I got through 4 intervals before I had to drop back to 1:30/3:30. When I got on the bike Wednesday, my legs were absolutely dead. I pushed through the first 30 minutes at a good tempo, and wound up doing better than usual on one of my Strava climb segments, but after 30 minutes I was good and tired, so I cut the ride short. I'm not concerned about the ride distance, and if anything my improved climbing should help with my endurance on what is said to be a very flat course.

As for goals, I'm not sure what to think. The swim is only 1k, and its supposedly with the current. The weather calls for potentially 20 MPH winds from the north, so I'm guessing we swim south very quickly, and the southbound section of each of the two bike loops will be great, while the northbound sections will be less fun. As for the run, it's 4 miles and again supposedly quite flat. The cutoff is 3 hours, and anything less than that will make me happy, but I would really like to try for a 2:30 or less Its possible, if my transitions are strong. With a short swim, my T1 has a chance to be good. 

Finally, thanks I've gotten some real nice support from folks when I've been down lately and I appreciate that a lot.

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