Friday, November 18, 2011

Furry Friday Fun

It's been a pretty good and quiet week. I go home next week for Thanksgiving, and I can't wait to spend time with my family, run the Thanksgiving 5k, and eat some turkey. Before then I'm going to run a 5k and eat some Turkey. Confused? Rach is going to be away with her basketball team on Thanksgiving, so we're celebrating our holiday traditions this Sunday with a 5k followed by traditional Thanksgiving dinner Sunday before I get on a plane Monday morning.

The best part of this week has been the excitement of watching Stanley learn and grow. So much can happen in a week!

First, he got a job as my office manager, as shown in this picture of him keeping a watchful eye on me at my desk.
That disapproving look is because he doesn't think pajamas are office appropriate
Once satisfied I was busy with the tasks at hand for the day, he went about the work of every manager:
At least he has confidence I'll get my work done
Apparently, sleeping and eating and playing and pooing isn't enough for a puppy on the go these days so he decided to take up flying, shown here in high speed because I don't know how to use a video editor properly.

Finally, I lost 1 1/2 pounds this week and ran a three times. Not quite as much as I wanted to, but more than I thought I might be able to being as swamped with work as I was earlier in the week.


  1. If you give your puppy a job title than mine is going to get jealous :) I'll have to come up with a title for her. Stanley is very cute and apparently good at his job.

  2. I *heart* Stanley!!