Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I need a triathlon coach... now

I've been lacking motivation. I've been frustrated with my weight loss, or lack thereof. I've been tired. I've been putting off restarting training. I have some great news about my 2012 season, but it doesn't mean much if I don't start getting ready for it. It really won't matter.

I'm ready to start working. I'm ready to finally get rid of the extra weight that's been stopping me from being fast like my friends. I'm ready to stop making excuses for why I can't do things; why it's so easy for me to take the easy way instead of the right way. I'm ready to be the confident, fun, happy person I was the season before last, who pushed his boundaries, raced hard, but never took himself too seriously.

My last few weeks haven't been without progress. The race in Raleigh was a fun challenge, and the 5k in Toledo was my 3rd time doing, and I beat my best previous by 1 second. A small difference, but on only 3 1/2 hours sleep I am very happy with how it went. I'm ready to acknowledge that every 1 second I take off a run is progress, regardless of how long it took to earn or how much suffering went into it.

Speaking of suffering, I'm ready to suffer. I probably shouldn't put it where my new coach can read it, but I am ready. I can't imagine how much suffering it will take to lose 100 pounds, but I'm ready to do it. I'm ready to sacrifice, in terms of time and yes, even food. Whatever it takes to get better, faster, and most importantly, lighter.

Because I'm finally ready (I just hope my coach is).


  1. You can do this Ben!! TOTALLY behind you.

    Any thoughts about who you going to use for a coach?

  2. Not yet, but I want to solve it fast. Looking for someone who has worked with folks who need to lose weight, arent very fast yet, and need to do the work to get faster and more endurant but with fairly modest goals.

  3. I know you can do it!
    Just a thought, have you looked into maybe finding a nutritionist? My friend used one with great results. Helped him kick the bad food habit and did wonders for his weight loss. He is so much happier and healthier now.

  4. Barb - I saw one years ago when I first lost 40 of the 50 Ive managed to keep off. I'll talk to my work benefit folks and see if one is covered. I do have a wellness coach ill be talking to 3 times in the next month, and they might have someone in their bag of tricks. Working for a health insurance company has a lot of perks

  5. I swear by the sugar purge. If any -ose, syrup, or other processed sugar/refined sugar appears in the first five ingredients, don't eat it for two weeks.

    I dumped my love affair with Soda that way and it amazes you how much of our food has that crap in it...

    It was a good start for us anyway...

  6. Ryan - I mostly drink only diet soda, and I really dont eat a lot of sugar. this past week has been out of the normal for that, but I think that sounds likea good plan.

  7. Yeah, Ben! I know you can do this. Do it for you and for the ones you love, but mainly for YOU.