Thursday, November 10, 2011

Too much stress, not enough training

So I've got some stuff to share, and not all of it is pleasant. It's been a challenging week here, to say the least, but things are looking up!
  • When I was on my way home from Shipwreck Tri, Rachelle called to tell me that she had just spoken to her mom, and after 28 years of marriage her parents are getting a divorce. There's a lot of shock involved as they had generally been seen as a very happy couple, and it hit Rach pretty hard. She's an amazingly strong person, and she hasn't buried her face in a quart of ice cream, so I think she's working her way through it. I'm doing my best to be supportive, and I think there will be some retail therapy in her future this weekend.
  • Yesterday, there was a lock down situation at Rachelles work. A student who lived in a standalone house on campus was being served warrants at his home barricaded himself inside the house with weapons and explosives. Rachelle's primary office was less than 100 yards from the house. She was fortunately slightly further away during the incident. Some buildings were evacuated and roads into the campus were blocked off. When she first texted me, she believed there was a sniper on the loose on campus, and only through contacting the sheriff and calling the TV station was I able to get the true details and get them to her. It was still quite scary though, and probably the most surprising part is that we lived in Boston for two years with only our bikes being stolen but we come to podunk, North Carolina and deal with something like this.
  • Between recovering from Shipwreck, the stress of this weeks events, and lack of sleep from taking the dog out to go to the bathroom every three hours, I've been exhausted all week. Thus I haven't been doing a heck of a lot of training. My eating hasn't been exactly great either, but I've definitely been conscious of that fact, and I've been actively working on it. I'm determined to reduce my soda intake to that of only the very occasional, and to delete diet soda from my diet entirely. It's a big step, but I think an important one. I've got bottled water and a little G2 around, and a small bottle of Diet Mt. Dew for when I really need it, because cold turkey is hard.
  • Rev 3 begins announcing the new team today. They're announcing one new member a day for the next couple of weeks. I'm really hopeful I have been chosen, but if not I'm just glad Mandy AKA Caratunk Girl thought enough of me (and Rach) to recommend me. I've made some amazing friends in my life and I feel like that's only increased since I started doing triathlons. Wish me luck, it's going to be a nervous few days.


  1. Prayers for both of you. Unfortunately, too many people have had to live through parental divorce. It happened 37 years ago for me.

  2. Wow. Very stressful. Hope things start smoothing out. Sending positive energy your way in the meantime.

    I'm with you on the Rev3 situation. Good luck!! :)

  3. Stressful week. I'm sorry. I'm glad Rachelle is okay after the scary incident on campus.
    Good luck with Rev3 and good luck with the soda! That's a tough one... :)

  4. Thanks to all 3 od you. I didn't make Team Rev 3, but I heard really nice things about my application and satisfactory reasons as to why I didn't make it. And I've found a really good backup plan.