Friday, December 18, 2009

The best laid plans...

Last week, when my wife started telling me about our training plan for the coming season I was a little concerned. While I'm not in great shape, I also have had enough experience over the past few years of racing to recognize when I am not training enough. I also have learned when I am training too much. And the training plan she had selected screamed that it was too much training. But it wasn't until it started putting us on the bike for 80 minutes tonight, during the first week of training that I figured it must be a full Ironman training program.

Sure enough, when I had her go back and look into the plan we're following, it says it's for athletes who are training for an Ironman distance event. On the front page. I had a good laugh at that, because my wife is not very patient (except with me). But I didn't know she was so impatient as to not read the only sentence describing the training plan.

The real kicker is that even though we figured out the training plan before we worked out tonight, we still went ahead and did the full 80 minutes on the bike tonight. Because we're just that hard core. Or that stupid.

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