Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The season of giving (gear)

The holiday season and the price discounts it brings with it make this the perfect time of year for giving (whether to others or yourself) gear. Being that 2010 will be only my second season and Rachelle's first, we stocked up this holiday season.

But before i get into the gear; I want to explain how we do Christmas. My wife and I are terrible at keeping secrets from each other. Presents are usually opened one every few days throughout December, with the last few a couple days before we leave to visit our families out west. That's how I'm able to relay some of our presents and it's still 9 days before Christmas.

This year, because of our sponsorships through Loop'd, some bargain shopping at local multisport shops, and your typical pre-Christmas online sales, we got some mighty fine deals.

First, through the generosity of the folks at Rudy Project in sponsoring me for the 2010 season, we were able to save a nice chunk of change 2 of their Slinger Helmets. I've mentioned these before, but I bring it up again because Rachelle's came in today. The small white, red, and blue one was on backorder, so she chose the black, red, and white one instead. Turns out she likes this one even more than the "USA" color scheme of mine.

Since they had to ship the helmet out yet anyways, I decided to bite the bullet on a pair of sunglasses I'd been eyeing. I know it's cheesy, but Rudy makes a pair of USA Triathlon branded red and white Rydon frames with blue lenses that I just had to have. They came with the helmet today, and I assure you, pictures of me wearing the helmet and matching shades will be on this blog sooner rather than later.

Even though triathlon season is still several months away, Rach has been bugging me endlessly for a tri top to match her black Zoot tri shorts. Looking online I couldn't find quite the deal I wanted. But in a visit to Fast:Splits Multisports, I found a 2009 top that matched her shorts perfectly at a closeout price I couldn't pass up.

Being married only a few months ago, we get the occasional wedding present in the mail still. When a Sears gift card arrived in the mail a week ago, I hopped on the opportunity to order Rachelle a new bike computer to replace the one that we sold with her old mountain bike.

Finally, and I know I've mentioned this before, but Rach got me a G5 iPod Nano. Aside from providing inspiration, it also allows me to use my Nike+ system again to track running miles. I'd go crazy without the ability to really keep an eye on my speed and distance. Unless and until I get a personal GPS, you can bet I'll be glued to my iPod for training, and any races they are legal in.

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