Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Winter running

Winter running sucks.

Think about it: freezing winds, ice on the roads, mud muddles where there isn't ice, and just general inhospitable conditions. Plus, this close to Christmas, drivers are in a hurry so they aren't as willing to share the road.

But while there are many things made worse or harder by being a bigger athlete, winter running isn't really one of them. While I'm slow, I might still be slow when I'm skinny (we'll see). But being big also keeps me warm. I was in running tights and an UnderArmour ColdGear top and an thin UA shirt as an outer layer, just for the pockets to put my iPod in.

What doesn't get better or worse with the cold right now is my time. I did 4 miles today, and it took me damn near an hour. It took a lot of time, but I just haven't been running the miles I need. Plus, I think I slow down automatically when I know I'm going for a longer run.

The thing is, I am so proud of myself for going. Here we are, visiting my family, eating holiday style (bad things in large quantities), and I talked myself not just into running, but into going around the block (4 sq miles). Plus I didn't turn back when faced with a nasty headwind.

My wife, runner that she is, did 4 miles in about 35 minutes. She's barely out there long enough to get cold! I am really going to have to work on my running if I want to keep my run short enough that she won't be able to blow me away after the bike section of Timberman.

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