Monday, December 21, 2009

Random points before vacation

Yesterday while I was on the track, I came up with a great topic for the blog. Then I forgot it before I could get back to the house. Instead, I'm going to offer up some of the random musings that I've had throughout the week:

- I came out of watching this weekends replay of the 2009 Ironman World Championship believing completely that Chrissie Wellington will be first overall (men and women) in a major Ironman triathlon in the next couple of years.

- In the past two days, I have put in the swimming distance I'll swim in Timberman. Yesterday, half that distance felt like a brutal punishment to my body. Today the second half of that distance, while tiring, was not only doable but enjoyable. It's amazing what a difference a day can make, and how truly important it is to eat properly. Yesterday, I had Chinese food for lunch. Today, I had a sandwich, a Clif bar, and a pickle. Felt so much lighter, more capable today.

- Getting back on the bike last week, even just the stationary bike, reminded me how much I love riding. It's the discipline that got me started in triathlon, and still my favorite part. 56 miles is a long ride, but I know I can do that. Plus it's the one spot I'm faster than the wife!

- My running has so far to go in terms of both endurance and speed. I am a little faster now than I was a couple months ago, but It's the area that needs the most work, so I'm going to have to really put the time and effort in.

- I need new goggles. My backup pair is painful to wear, and my good pair now leaks.

- I wear my running shoes entirely too much. I only have 1 pair of sneakers right now, so I'm going to need to add a pair early '10. I'm thinking of a pair of Nike Air Zomero +4, if i can find them in the right size for around $100.

- Finally, we're getting a new bed in a few weeks. That'll make a HUGE difference in our rest and recovery. I've had the current bed for a few years, and it's garbage.

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