Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rudy Project Slinger Helmet Review

I've mentioned before that one of my big Christmas presents was a new iPod Nano. One of the side benefits of this new generation is that it does video recording. It's not why I bought it (my 2nd generation iPod died after a particularly rainy race), but it's starting to come in handy.

I started this blog to tell the story of my preparation for Timberman and to keep myself honest in terms of weight loss and eating. Some of my readers will hopefully come from sites like Beginner Triathlete and Bike Forums, where I talk triathlon with some of my Clydesdale and Athena friends. One of the interesting things about cyclists and triathletes is that both groups are hopelessly addicted to their gear. While we're willing to train vigorously to improve our results, we're also interested in whatever new thing can (legally) shave a few seconds off our time. I have seriously considered buying gear I didn't need just so that I'd have extra.

My other major hobby aside from triathlons is video games. One of my best friends, indeed the best man at my recent wedding, is the editor-in-chief for Gaming Nexus. I have been helping write reviews for the site for the past several years. I find it allows me to do more than just enjoy my hobby, but share my enjoyment with others, and have my experiences help those who read my work make good decisions on what games to buy.

I figure this blog gives me an opportunity to occasionally do the same with triathlon gear. So, I bring you my first video gear review: The Rudy Project Slinger Helmet.

Only 1 rule as you watch the video: No laughing. This is my first attempt at a video review.

You can find all the specs for the helmet at

As I mentioned during the video (and as soon to be required by law for all bloggers), I received a discount from Rudy Project on the purchase of the helmet as part of my sponsorship deal. But I can assure you all this did was hasten the purchase. Nor did they ask me to speak out about the helmet. I'm sharing what I see and feel about this item because I like it. I have been eyeing this helmet for almost a year, and had always planned to buy it.


  1. nice review. hard to see the inside. Need more light.

  2. I'll take some pictures of the inside of the helmet in order to provide some better detail. I'm also going to be reviewing my new helmet by them as well.