Monday, January 11, 2010

Back from Vegas

I'm still several hours light on sleep, but I wanted to take a few minutes to provide a few updates:
  • I lost weight and won money in Vegas; I'm not sure this combination of events has ever happened to anyone visiting Sin City before. I ate less often, but was less hungry. While my food choices weren't always ideal, the portion sizes were good. I even went to a buffet and only made one trip. No formal exercise, but at least 25 miles walked, maybe more.
  • Sleep is something that we all need, except in Vegas. It's almost like that particular law of nature is suspended; I slept about 12 hours all trip.
  • There are some interesting products coming out for triathletes over the next couple of months that I'm going to try and get review units for so I can take a look at them for those of you out there who are considering some tech gear purchases this year. Specifically I'm hoping to get some more details on a new competitor to the Garmin GPS watches to be marketed under the Nordic Track, and a GPS unit designed for real-time location tracking. Of course, I'm hoping to get my hands on the new Garmin 505 or perhaps one of their other cycling or running GPS units.
  • We took the day off of training today to do some post-Vegas victory spending. My Blackberry crashed in Vegas, so I took the plunge and ordered a Nexus One from Google.
  • Back to the plan tomorrrow with a good long swim, 1800 yards. Looking forward to getting back to work.

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