Sunday, January 17, 2010

The tattoo to-do

Foreword: This may seem off topic at first, gentle reader, but please do follow it through to completion.

In the current day, tattoos are regarded as little more than personal choice by most parts of society. They are no longer the exploits of drunken sailors, motorcycle gang members, or society's less desirables. In fact many of todays elite sport 'tats' or 'ink', and people think little of it. However, there are still times where a tattoo has more effect than just to darken a spot of skin. 

This is one of those times.

My wife, like myself, is a certified hockey nut. Working with and around hockey players who sport hockey related tattoos has only served to further encourage her to follow a longtime want of getting a tattoo. While I feel she was perfect as she was, and required no alterations, it wasn't my choice to make.

Last night, the deed was done.

Hence, I give you: Hockey player on a foot.

The tattooing process did not injure my petite wife, nor do I find it as distasteful as I had hoped (I am fine with tattooed people, just didn't plan on being married to one). However there is a factor that was not taken into account as my wife leaped before looking: she cannot work out for most of a week, and cannot swim for at least 2 weeks.

While to most folks this would seem almost a relief, I have been in a tizzy due to the loss, albeit temporary, of my training partner. Will I have the strength of will to continue on with the grueling regimen chosen for the next two weeks? Will I be able to force myself out of bed for a 6 AM pool session? Will I start finding excuses to join Rachelle on the couch?

Today was the first day of my solo training, and the results have been encouraging. I put myself through a 1 hour biked ride, including an 11.2 mile time trial (as hard and as fast as you can go over the chosen distance). I followed that up with a run of more than a mile.

This was only day one; I guess we'll see if my willpower is as permanent as the ink that makes up Rach's new little friend.

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