Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oooooooh..... Big Announcement!

Today, Apple Computer will announce it's rumored new tablet device. It's an announcement the entire tech world is waiting for on the edge of their seat. Usually, a company coming out with a new product in an existing market isn't such a big deal. But Apple is well known for it's ability to revolutionize a marketplace with a product release. BASF has a slogan "We don't make your (product X), we make it better." Well, Apple both makes products and makes them better. The iPod and the iPhone are just a couple of recent examples of Apple taking over a market with initially just a single product.

And it's not just the product with Apple. Part of what makes the new product announcements from Apple so special are the announcements themselves. Steve Jobs is a master of planning and showmanship. He crafts his presentations to the features of the new products, and has his entire company in lock step with him, helping to limit leaks and keep the anticipation building towards the climactic moment when the announcement occurs.

Building anticipation, drawing out the moment with a keen sense of timing... that's what makes for a truly great announcement.

Rachelle and I have been training formally since late December, and truly began to focus just 4 short weeks ago with the Lowell 1st Run. With my season of triathlon experience, our combined road racing experience, and Rachelle's knowledge and skills as an athletic trainer, we felt like we could craft and follow a training regimen that would build through the year and prepare us for our big race. So far we've been rewarded with some early gains in speed, strength, and most importantly to our seasonal goals, stamina. 

But we feel like we can do more, and be more, so we're taking our commitment to training and our triathlon season even further by joining Wheelworks Multisport Triathlon Team for the 2010 season. We've been looking into a team for a few months, initially with the idea of getting to know some folks in our new city, and finding support for my racing. We zeroed in on Wheelworks Multisport (WWMS) because they are local, they are successful (6 time repeating and current state club champions) and because they're some really terrific people. We submitted our applications last week, and while the team lineup hasn't been formally announced yet, I've gotten word that we're in.

This opens a whole new realm for Rachelle and I. WWMS builds a list of focus races for each year, allowing us to closely match our slate of races with those of our team. We have training partners and unique opportunities for clinics and lectures that we previously wouldn't have. We now have the support of teammates, additional new sponsors, and most importantly, new friends to share our love of the sport with. 

And thankfully for me, Sunny, the president of WWMS isn't as vindictive as Steve Jobs when it comes to leaks. 

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