Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Could've been the whiskey, might have been the gin

"Could've been the whiskey, might have been the gin.
Could've been the three or four six packs I don't know
but look at the mess I'm in."

- The Rovers

Ok, so there was no whiskey or gin, and the six packs were actually just 2 Bud Light Golden Wheat, but I still feel like crap today.

Rach and I went to a bar last night with a couple of her friends to enjoy a rare night of socializing here in Boston. We don't know very many people here, and so our opportunities to go out other than just the two of us are rare. We hit Harry's Bar & Grille for trivia night. We had a great time, but at a cost. I made the fatal mistake of using a chance to socialize as a chance to eat. I had already had dinner when we went to the bar. I would have waited to eat had I known we were going, but it came up last minute.

The two beers themselves aren't what did me in. It was the fact that everyone else was eating, and I felt compelled to join them. So instead of drinking water and having maybe a beer; instead I wound up having a cobb salad, a side of fries, and sharing some mac and cheese with Rach.

While this didn't move the scale much in the wrong direction, I felt incredibly lethargic and slow in the pool this morning. While I did manage to get myself out of bed at 5:30, knowing I'd be spending my time in the pool without Rach, it was one of the toughest workouts I've had from the mental aspect in a long time.

It reminded me that effort and new outlook aren't enough to really make all of these changes, it's also about conviction. Conviction that being a triathlete isn't what I do, but who I am. That I am the master of what I eat, and not the other way around. And that I can do this, even on the days when my body clearly doesn't want to.

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