Sunday, January 3, 2010

The magical, mystical recovery day

I lost five pounds overnight.

When you read a statement like that, it sounds like the kind of claim made by any of a hundred different weight loss product infomercials.But it's true. I lost five pounds last night.

When workout plans talk about recovery days and rest, I originally assumed it was strictly to provide tired muscles some rest in order to avoid overuse injuries. But today I remembered reading about what happens when muscles wear down during exercise and the amount of energy they use in recovering energy stores and proteins that are actually broken during exercise.

5 pounds.

It sounds like a lot because it is. It's about 1.66% of my body weight. Sadly, it's both impossible and extremely unhealthy if I were to sustain a rapid weight loss at a daily level like that. But that loss allows me to feel a lot better about the Lowell 1st Run, and reminds me that there's another contest I'm in. The one against my weight.

And I'm not going to come in dead last in that one.

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