Friday, January 15, 2010

Becoming Timberman(.com)

Evidently, the blog felt left out. Since I am becoming Timberman, it wanted to as well. So, now the blog is

I feel like blogging about blogging seems self-important and makes more out of something that a lot of people are doing, and that I'm really doing for myself, though I am thrilled that there are some people out there reading it. But now that the domain name is in place, and the basic theme is in place, I'm done talking about it... Except to say there will be a few more minor changes and improvements ongoing, but nothing that will affect those who come just to read the blog. Anyways, I'm done talking blogging for real this time.

So, on to a real topic for today: two-a-days.

In my very short middle school football career, I participated in the dreaded summer two-a-days. If you don't know that term, it simply means a period of preparation for a sport in which you have two practices a day.

I thought I was done with this type of mental and physical torture when I chose marching band over football; clearly I was mistaken. As we are now a few weeks into serious triathlon training, we've advanced to a stage of occasional two-a-days.

This morning it was a 1200 yard swim. Either I didn't go hard enough, or swims of ~1000 yards are starting to slowly get easier. i didn't take a break until 450 yards in. And I finished the second full 500 without a break.

Tonight, it's an hour of running. I may have mentioned it, but running is not my strong suit in this sport, so I can definitely do with an hour of track time. I will just have to pretend the blisters from walking around Las Vegas have already healed.

Or I can take the route I usually take, and just whine about how much it hurts the whole time. Sounds like a plan to me.

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