Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sticking it out

Yesterday was interesting in that I woke up in fear of the scale. Not because of anything I had done to get away from the plan, but rather because I had such a big drop the day before, I was afraid somehow I'd given some of it back by taking one more recovery day to build back up from the effort that was the Lowell 1st Run.

The good news was that not only did I not give any back, but I was down another pound! Totaling now 7 lbs since just the 1st of the year is making for quite a week of positive results. This was not a result of luck, but rather of sticking to the plan I'd made and eating the right foods in the right portions.

Our exercise regimen for yesterday was a good 50 minutes on the bike, at sometimes challenging but not overpowering levels.  Then a quick 15 minutes on the track before we were done for the night. Rachelle was craving dessert, and we have this wonderful place, Berryline, right down the street. Their primary product is a frozen yogurt that has all the trappings of soft-serve ice cream, but retains the tangy taste of yogurt. It's also a mere 25 calories per ounce, with no fat. Plus they offer as many healthy topping choices as unhealthy ones. AND they had free apple cider yesterday to boot.

So, after a great day at work, a good day at the gym, I got to have a healthy snack (I opted for strawberry flavor with blueberries for a topping) and 12 ounces of apple cider. All that for a mere 7 points. Well less than I'd burned off that evening at the gym.

While I had a few extra points, I stayed inside my exercise points earned, stayed within the plan of eating healthy foods whenever possible, even as snacks, and making sure my calories in for the day do not exceed my calories out.

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