Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Big News, a Big Week, and I could use some BIG help!

Ok, so I can finally share my big news with you. Rachelle and I are moving to North Carolina. And we're doing it soon; We'll be driving away from Boston on September 3rd headed to our new domicile in the area of Buie's Creek, North Carolina. Rachelle will start her job with Campbell University where she'll be working with a couple of their sports teams this year. I'll continue working for my current employer for a short time remotely with my company while I look for new employment and cover the transition period.

While this move is long awaiting, and we'll finally be moving out of the hotel; it does present some interesting challenges. We'll be moving to North Carolina the week before we Rev3 Cedar Point. It comes at a good time in training, in that it falls dead smack in the center of our taper period, so we'll get some work in, but it won't impact any of our long efforts. We're hoping to stop in Washington, DC for the night on the trip down, as I've never been there and would like to see a couple of the landmarks if we have time.

We believe we've found a really nice place to live, very close to Rachelle's work, and within a short drive to a lot of potential employers for myself. There's a large technical Market in and near Raleigh, so I know I can find something, and I have some irons in the fire already.

Our big week is of course this week with our final week of training, our last long bike rides, runs, and swims. I had a major headache Monday night which limited me, but I got it a good run/walk last night. The weather might be a bit cantankerous this weekend, so we're playing it by ear for our last very long ride. Currently we're shooting for a long ride Saturday, followed by a ride/run brick on Sunday to wrap up the heavy stuff.

Then we come to the big help; I'm still $500 short of my fundraising goal with 2 1/2 weeks left. I had planned to contribute most of this myself, but with the move that's going to be a lot more challenging to do. If you have given already, thank you very much. If you haven't given, would you please consider doing so? It helps young adults with cancer, and I know I'd appreciate it very much. Simply click to place a donation with my secure fundraising page. I know times are tough for a lot of people right now, but please consider donating anything you can give. When I started this process, I know people took a leap of faith that I wouldn't waste their money, but now that I have put in the training effort that I have and am confident I will finish, you can be certain donating to this cause that your money won't be wasted either in helping the folks Team Fight helps, or in helping me reach the starting line.

If you get me to the starting line, I promise I'll get me to the finish line.


  1. congrats!! that'll be a big week--moving and CP.
    My friends daughter goes to Campbell!!!

  2. You guys are going to do so great at this race!! You are strong and ready, persistent forward progress!!! YOU FREAKING GOT THIS!

    That's all I have to say about that.

  3. MMM - Thanks ! It's very exciting!

    Mandy - Bonus points for the Forrest Gump reference! LOL