Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hotel Living

In the movie Tombstone, there's a scene where Wyatt Earp and his love interest talk about travelling from hotel to hotel and living off room service. While this is a great idea, in implementation it takes a lot of planning. For example, our hotel doesn't actually have room service, so while we're saving money overall by paying less for the hotel than our rent + utilities + insurance, we now pay more for our meals and give up some ease of use when it comes to our training and other aspects of our daily life. (Though I will say maid service is a big balancing factor).

Now that we're getting away from the packing/loadin/unloading process (once I finally found the box in storage this morning with my work pants in it), it's going to be a lot easier to concentrate on training. We had some big rainstorms last night, so training after work got hosed, and frankly with how I felt physically after 3 very demanding days, it didn't seem like a bad idea for my rest day to be Monday night.

We now live much closer to a lake, a 5 minute drive, though sadly it's a state park, so we have to swim inside the lines in order to swim there. Still it has a nice wide swim area, so hopefully it won't feel too constricting for workouts, and we'll make sure to get over to Walden for long swims this weekend.

Tonight I'm replacing that blown out tire with one of the tires I have sitting around. Should get me through this next couple weeks until I can replace it with something better.

Finally, not a lot of news on our next move, other than we know it won't be to Duluth, MN now.

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