Thursday, August 4, 2011

A swimming race!

As I've talked about on more than a few occasions, I've been taking advantage of the targeted offers from Active Advantage for free race entries. Last night I was delighted to see the opportunity to enter a swimming race for free! I swooped in, and got the first gratis entry, and am now signed up for the 2 mile distance of the Wild Fish swim at Collins Cove Beach in Salem Harbor on 8/14. This is a great tune up for Cedar Point, because it's colder water (so we'll be wearing our wetsuits), less placid than what we get swimming at Walden, and because it's a race there will be those pre-race jitters and the extra push to swim 2 miles nonstop.

Aside from Walden, we had hoped the local state park that's only 5 minutes from our current hotel would work for training, but it has a fairly small roped in area that is strictly enforced. However, last night we scoped out another public beach which has the single biggest roped in swim area I have EVER seen. Plus, we've read that you can swim outside the ropes, though we'll have to verify that on our visit tonight. Either way, we have the closest beach we've had access to since living in Boston, even if it does cost twice as much as Walden to get in.

I've been pretty tired since the move this weekend, but I'm finally starting to come around. The legs feel better, I slept well, and I'm going to replace the tire and tube on the bike tonight after swimming. Tomorrow night we'll head out to Walden, and then out for take 2 on the 85 mile ride on Saturday.


  1. I was planning on doing that swim or helping out, but instead will be doing a sprint triathlon in Westborough. Good luck!

  2. OH That sounds like so much fun!! I would love to do a swimming race!