Friday, August 26, 2011

Go long then hunker down

With our last few weeks of hard rides now almost behind us, I can't remember the last time we had a weekend without rain impacting our training somehow. Thankfully we've found or made time enough to get it done, and we're going to have to do the same this weekend. With rain in the forecast even before we had Irene bearing down on us, we're going to have to be flexible in order to get the hours in this weekend for those last long rides and swims. I'm calling the YMCA to see what they're day passes run if we wake up to a scary forecast on Saturday. Right now they're saying some showers on Saturday but Irene won't really impact us until late Saturday night.

We're in the lovely Travelodge for one last week, where they've come to know us so well that when I came down to tell the manager that we'd prepaid for another week online, he said, "I already added put it in the system and you're checked into the same room again". Not the highest quality accommodations, but the service hasn't been too bad. I'm very excited for next Friday night when we'll be staying somewhere other than the Travelodge.

I also want to again thank everyone their tremendous generosity. We now only have $165 dollars left to raise before the race. With 2 weeks left still, it shouldn't be a problem to get that last 10% done. Thanks again to all of my fantastic family and friends for helping with this massive effort. I try to give to you more than I get from you but I'm not sure this is something I'll ever be able to repay. Thank you all so very very much for this opportunity; I just hope on race day I can make it all worth while for you as you have for me.

Preparations are coming along nicely for the move. We've got cable folks coming out to survey the house to make sure they can get us internet, we're all set for having the movers come help us load the truck, and once we get there on 9/4, Rachelle's dad will be meeting us to help unload the truck. We have to pay for the truck for 5 days regardless of how long we actually need it. Getting it done and turned in early certainly wouldn't hurt though.

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