Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Burn out

Last week, I had these glorious plans for this week. I'd looked at Rachelle's workout plans, and thought about how I could get in all this training and just be absolutely killing it all week long in preparation for the race. Things started off well with a quality weekend of training. We didn't hit all of our distances exactly, but we got strong miles in on the bike, on the road, and in the lake. We climbed and descended on the bike, we ran in the heat, and got a good mile plus of open water swimming in on Sunday. Rach even had a good day in her wetsuit.

And then yesterday it all came crashing down. I didn't want to do a damn thing. I felt like crap, I was tired, I was sore, I was exhausted mentally and physically. I didn't sleep well, I just wanted to lay around and eat all day. And that's exactly what I did. Even with the gorgeous new bike staring me in the face all day as I laid around, I still couldn't get myself up to go work out. 

Maybe this is just what I needed from a motivational perspective. Maybe an unplanned off day will remind me how much work I have left to do in the next 2 weeks, and be the impetus to do it. Maybe it's simply that my body was crying out for some rest. I don't know exactly, but I'm both pissed at myself and worried. To top it off, Rach and I had a swim scheduled for this morning that neither of us got up for.

I guess the good news is that it's only 6 AM, and there's no reason I can't make the rest of the day count for something when yesterday didn't. I've got a lunch thing today, but I can absolutely get a bunch of time in after work. Time is starting to run away from me on this race, and I need to make sure I have something to show for it out of the time that is left.


- I was so lazy yesterday, I was too lazy to blog. Seriously, how does that even happen? Yes, I didn't feel great, but really, too lazy to blog? I didn't do any of my other writing yesterday either. bleh.

- We got our adjusted insurance check in this week, so I'm going to replace the accessories we couldn't buy when we got the bikes (trunk bags, bento bags, tubes and CO2 pumps). And I'm finally teaching Rach to fix a flat.


  1. Ben, I went up and rode the course on Sunday. It was tough - I posted my review on BT. You and Rach should drive up there this weekend to do the ride - you'll feel better knowing exactly what you're in for. I'm going to go up again to do part of the ride and the run.

    I was wiped yesterday as well. Long run today, rest tomorrow, long swim Friday.

  2. Burnout happens buddy. You may not be able to physically and mentally tackle that huge training load and go into Timberman fresh. Thats the most important thing, going in fresh with the mindset that you will finish the event!

  3. I've always believed in listening to your body. Rest is as important as training. I hurt my lower back in my last Tri and I decided to take today off as well. Going to try to swim tomorrow.

    Don't give up - you'll do this just like the rest of us!

  4. RAD - Thanks, and we're definitely going up on Saturday. Everything is all planned out. I guess Monday was just a way of my body letting me know to cool it for a day before I got hurt.

    Derek - Good point, and Rach has a good strong taper week built in that last week. I have this week and next to train, then I really have to start chilling out prior to the race. It'll be good though, as I'm going to make sure to be rested, ready, hydrated and properly nutritioned prior to Timberman. I WILL finish this race.