Thursday, August 19, 2010

Insomnia, with a chance of rain

It's been slowly developing over the past few days, and it's worse tonight than it's been earlier this week. Not too surprising that I'm restless and having trouble sleeping, especially on days my energy doesn't get sapped working out. Because we have to get up 2 or 3 hours earlier than normal for this race, it's a source of concern. With any luck I'll tire myself out tonight, so the rest of the week I'll be too tired to stay up this (2 AM) late.

I got the tire re-tensioned this afternoon. I thought it would be something I had to drop off for the night, but they did it while I waited, and told me there was just a single spoke out of tension, which seems about right based on how little the wheel was out of true after 40 hard miles on the roads and bike trails. I took bumps a lot harder than I normally do to make sure this wheel could handle a strong ride, and it seems like it came through nice and strong. One less thing to worry about. Plus, I learned for myself why that heavier riders have a lot better time over bumps than lighter riders, like say Rach, who gets rocked all over the path when going over all the bumps.

I also bought a new stem tonight (the piece that connects the handlebars to the fork) because mine has some minor cracking near the height adjuster. It seems I've got a good bit to learn from my upcoming class, especially involving how tight to make things before they'll crack. While I think it's just minor cracking on the surface, I don't want to find out it's more serious than that flying down one of the big hills on Sunday cooking around 45 MPH.

Speaking of Sunday and cooking, it sounds like we won't be dealing with heat as a significant problem. Instead there's a chance of rain adding to the difficulties of our day. is currently saying there's a 30% chance of precipitation during the day on Sunday. The good news is that it will likely come with a high of only 74. That could mean a chilly exit from the waters of Lake Winnipesaukee, but if it means we don't get torn up with heat during the bike and maybe some light rain during the run, I could definitely be for that!


  1. cool is worth a ton of time! :-) sounds like good luck weather to me.

    get one of them spoke twisty thingies and just plink the spokes with your finger, they should all make about the same sound ( kinda like a really cheap guitar ) also you can spin the wheel and set the brakes to be REALLY close to the wheel. then make sure it goes through all the way around to true them up.

    1386 is my number. The Resa's number is 2697.

    hard to sleep i know here too. but just remember while laying there that the rest is worth a ton, you only need a few hours to reset your brain, so dont panic when you see the clock slowly creep through the hours. :-)

  2. Sparfy, thanks! You guys are going to have a great time next weekend. I'd love to see some pictures on your blog of the course, and of course if you happen to run into Tyler, that'd be cool too. I'm not sure what age group you're in but just make sure to enjoy the experience!