Friday, August 13, 2010

is it race day yet?

Months ago, if you'd told me there'd come a day when I'd say the race wasn't getting here fast enough, I wouldn't have believed you. But here we are a week before the race, and I can't wait for next weekend. Tapering (the act of intentionally reducing workouts to rest the body before a race) sucks, because I'm hungry ALL THE TIME, and we're not working out as much. We've got some strong workouts this last weekend, but then after that it'll really start to diminish next week.

Last night, I made my first trip to the Bikes not Bombs open shop night. It was EXACTLY what I hoped for, and remember from Third Hand; helpful folks, plenty of tools, and a happy and fun atmosphere. I got my rear wheel nice and true, and with a little help from an experienced mechanic the same thing on my front wheel. Then it was mostly tightening the bolts where I'd been nervous about going to tight on my carbon fiber fork. I met a few of the leaders, and I'm hopeful I'll be accepted into the adult instructor class so I can learn what I need to do in order to teach classes and improve on my bike knowledge for my own usage. 

Tonight, we're buying the last of our accessories, and I'm going to formalize my nutrition plan for the race. It's time to get organized now so that next week is less hectic. Tomorrow a 40 mile ride and likely a nice outdoor swim at the halfway point. Sunday is the last real run, and from there it's all downhill in terms of effort before the race.

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