Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How Benny got his groove back...

Yesterdays post might have been a bit over-dramatic. It wasn't intentional. I really did feel like the sky was falling, and being only a few weeks from Timberman, that just made it worse. Even the way I had been feeling, I knew I couldn't let this go on for very long. When I got finished with yesterdays blog, I pushed away from the table, and while trying not to wake up Rach, got dressed to go ride.

When in doubt, my bike is my "go to" form of exercise. It makes me feel faster and therefore more successful at working out, so it's easier to make myself go do it. And I did do it. I hit the Charles River MUP at 6:30, and rode for an hour. The paths are not nearly as busy that early, and I wound up being able to get in some quality miles at race pace; 15 miles in 1:05 of actual time, 58 minutes of wheels turning. It would have been faster but for a few starts and stops to turn around and one quick break to drink some Gatorade.

I felt tons better following that, and it led to a successful day with both exercise and food. Rach got her ride in while I was at work, and we followed it up with a short outdoor swim at Walden Pond last night. We had meant to do a full lake swim again, but by the time we got through traffic and to the pond, we only had about half an hour to swim before they started locking the parking gates. Either way we still got more time in the lake, with Rach having another run in her wetsuit (which she seems to be getting more comfortable with all the time).

Today will be a busy day, and the weather doesn't look to be real cooperative; mid-ninties, with oppressive humidity. Plus some rain showers will be mixed in. We're supposed to have a 25 mi bike today, but I'm wondering if we'll have to swap that with tomorrows swim instead. Not that it matters when each workout happens but these changes drive me a bit crazy.


- Saturday we finally are  going to New Hampshire. We're going to ride most or all of the Timberman bike course, and then go to a pottery painting event that benefits Rebecca Tabat's Cure with Hope charity. Everyone from Beginner Triathlete has been telling me to get out and ride the course for peace of mind, and we've been wanting to do it for a while. This is just the first weekend that makes sense for us. Now I just need to make it fit around getting our bikes in for tuneups.

- Thanks again for all of the encouragement, especially yesterday. It meant a lot.


  1. Ben! I missed out on yesterday. We all have ups and downs though. This is kind of a down week for me. Ugh. BUT that said, just keep chugging on because as you found this morning, there is always light at the end of the tri tunnel!

    AND get your butt over to the T-man course. See you there in a few weeks! AHH I just peed a little.

  2. The last 3 years I have done a fun run called the City 2 Surf ("largest timed running event in the world" yay! and I swear each year I have suffered from a cold mid training. This year was no different.

    I was being (possibly) ambitious with my training programme, but felt it was going really well. As I approached the peak (around week 7 of 10), I got quite sick and had to take a week off. I recovered fairly well, and even ran a 7km fun run last Sunday in 38min. It may have been a bit much, as I have relapsed with my cold. Fortunately, it is just a head cold at the moment, and doesn't seem to be affecting my lungs this time, but none the less, it is really p###ing me off!

    I was really hoping for a good time this year (aiming to beat 6 minute kms - just under 10min/mile), and was looking good to achieve that. HOWEVER, my health comes first, so while I will still run, I wont be pushing it as hard as I would like. I just have to try to remember that I am getting benefits from this running above and beyond a good time at one event. Getting healthy is a long term (life-term?) objective for me, and the real challenge will be to maintain a base level of exercise between now and 10 weeks out from next years race....

    hmmmm, did I have a point? I guess it is just to say that there are set backs, and they can get you down, but the key is to try to stay positive and work towards your goal - Timberman is a significant milestone for you, and there will be many more! (also, I think I just needed to whine about being sick for a little bit!)