Friday, August 20, 2010

Sorta like taking the SATs on Christmas

It's here. Friday morning before Timberman. In just a few hours I'll be heading home to put everything in the truck and head up to our hotel for the weekend. We're getting out early to hopefully beat weekend traffic and to allow us to check in at the hotel and head over for race check in before dinner. Dinner tonight is supposed to be a social event with a bunch of the folks from Beginner Triathlete at an Italian place near the race site. We actually rode by it on our bikes during our scouting mission that went a bit awry.

Over the course of today and tomorrow, we're going to take in the Timberman festival, which will likely be comprised of vendors and charities that comprise sponsors for the race. Usually there are plenty of things for sale along with a bunch of sponsors. Plus, we're going to pick up some Timberman souvineers. We get a nice bag with some stuff in it, but there's always something you wish came in the bag that you don't get as part of sign up, so we're going to try and get some souvineers early.

The sprint race is also going on tomorrow, and I've got a friend doing that race as well so we'll try to meet up with John after his race, before heading over to one of the mandatory pre-race meetings on Saturday. After that we'll be locking our bikes into the transition area. Then we're either going to look for a movie theater or head to the local dog track where they also have some vegas style casino table games that might provide some fun for a couple of hours without requiring much of anything out of our bodies.

Sunday of course is race day. If you missed the earlier post, Rach starts at 7:20, while I hit the water at 7:50. I'll add the athlete tracker link to the post that goes up Sunday morning so you can simply visit the site for the link to the athlete tracker.

So, I guess I'll see you guys on the other side, and don't forget to check in on Sunday to see how I'm doing and to read a little something I put together for those of you who have been kind enough to help me along in this journey.


  1. I am so excited for you. You can do this and no matter where you finish, you are already a winner for the effort you put into this race and all the training you did for it. We're so proud of you. Enjoy the experience!

  2. Good luck Ben! So excited for you and will be cheering from afar:)

  3. Have a great time & Good Luck!!

  4. See you there Ben. I might see you around Gunstock this afternoon.

  5. Mom - Thanks. I'm still alternating between excitement and terror, but eventually it will all settle down.

    Barb - Thanks, it's going to be fun

    Derek - Thanks, look forward to sharing the race report with you after.

    John - Looked for you but didnt see you. Saw on facebook you spent your evening with Chrissie. Nice work if you can get it!