Friday, August 6, 2010

A true test

It's late on friday, about 15 hours after I normally post, but it was a super busy day. So I hope you'll appreciate me getting around to it.

Tomorrow is a really big day. We're going to Gilford, New Hampshire to ride the Timberman bike course.... all 56 miles of it. We did retail preparation tonight replacing almost all of the accessories we lost with the theft of the bicycles. We're driving up somewhat early and hopefully we'll have some good weather.

Have a great weekend, we're gonna go suffer.


  1. Way to go, Ben & Rachelle. I will be thinking of you. Keep me posted.

  2. Hope the ride went well for both of you!

  3. We got horribly lost but had a good riding session with lots of difficult climbs. Some I rode, some I walked, but it helped me have a better understanding of what we were in for, even though we didn't go the right direction it turns out much of our climbing was as hard or harder than most of whats on the course.