Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You've followed me this far

Yesterday, the Ironman folks released the information regarding swim waves and race numbers. It's another sign that the race is upon us. 

Rachelle will be wearing number 545 and will be starting the race at 7:20 AM. 

I will be wearing number 1592 and will be starting the race at 7:50 AM. 

Based on the fact that the last wave starts at 8:20, Rach will have an extra hour of buffer time on top of the 8:30 time frame, while I will have an extra 30 minutes. Both of us have talked about not wanting to have to use any of the buffer, but it's nice that it's there. 

What's really cool is that there will be an "athlete tracker" that you can follow Rach and I during the race (if so inclined). At specific intervals our recorded chip times are automatically directed to a page on the web where you can search for us by bib number (and name I think). So, if you can't wait for my fantastic (and likely incredibly long recap) sometime on monday the 23rd, then you can follow us on race day. I'll provide the link when I have it.


- Training last night was one of those off nights. We did 10 miles on the bike but not particularly hard and then 1/3rd of a mile in the pool. Both of us were tired and sore so we took it easy and will work harder today.

- I've started my planning for triathlon off-season already. We've decided not to do the Fantastic Nantasket race in September, so we've got Timberman and then Cranberry the following week and that's the end of the season. I've got some interesting irons in the fire that I'll start detailing shortly.


  1. I am in the dead last wave!! BOOOOO. But good for you guys, that is awesome. You are going to do great I just know it!

  2. That sucks! I wonder how they set that? Im guessing it has to be done because the two age groups that make up the final few waves are likely to be the strongest age groupers? Either way i know you're totally gonna kick butt!