Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I am ready!

It's Wednesday of the work week that will never end. I have a significant amount going on for most of each day, so that helps pass the time. But it just seems like Friday afternoon is still so far away. And now that I'm feeling ready for whatever Timberman has in store for me, it just seems like the day can't come fast enough.

Last night we got in our last hard bike. It wasn't a huge distance, just 12 miles, but it was a good strong ride and I felt great. It's amazing to me that just a year ago 10 miles of riding at 10-12 miles an hour would see me tired and ready to be done. Now 12 miles at 15 MPH feels like a light cruise. In fact, I even did a bit of sprinting during yesterdays ride just to keep up with a guy that passed us on a single speed, and later to push myself against one of the "Promenade Heroes" (Guys who are dressed like they're in a big bike race and fly up and down the river path every night). Wound up passing both of them with gas left in the tank.

Because we had the ride on the books last night, the rear wheel still needs to be dropped off to be re-tensioned, and I'm looking to do that today for pick up ideally tomorrow. Rach has been screwing with the schedule to protect her knee so I've been going with the flow each night just to make sure I don't miss a workout. I know we owe a swim yet from the other day and have one more ride and another swim, and then I think we're done other than a walk on friday.

I've started writing something for those of you who have been kind enough to spend some of your time reading this site during my training over the past year. It's not done yet, but it'll be posted automatically on Sunday morning while I'm out on the course. It's not much, but it's the least I could do for those of you who have been here with me through this.

- Rachelle's doctors appointment today was uneventful, but she's considering not racing Cranberry the week after Timberman. Some of it will depend on how she's feeling after the race this weekend, but her knee swells after runs and is making a crunching noise like rice crispies. The nurse today said "we don't worry about the crunching", but as an athletic trainer, Rach's alarm bells are going off. She's going to contact our doctor and schedule an appointment with a specialist.


  1. Can't wait to hear about the race. Good luck making it through this looong work week.

  2. See you up there Ben. If you are around Saturday late morning/afternoon, look for around Gunstock at the Expo.

  3. Hope to see you up there Ben! Trying to get one more swim in Walden, but the bulging disk is still not even 80% so I'm in the same boat as Rachel. Lots of butterflies now - because of the back injury, I haven't run now for 3 weeks! Hoping my body responds to rest more than training at this point. I'm excited - can't wait for race day! Congrats on all your training - I've really enjoyed your trials and tribulations here.

  4. very best of luck. just found your page through the bike forum website - i signed up today... :-)

    like you i am going into my first big race in about 10 days. kept a year long blog about it. but... :-) i guess we met up too late.

    and... like i said, very very best of luck!

    "if you think you can or you think you cant, either way you are probably right."

  5. Derek - Thanks! I'm so excited Friday is finally here!

    John - We're heading up tonight to check in at the hotel, check in for the race, and then meet up with some of the folks from Beginner Triathlete for dinner. We'll definitely be around on Saturday and we'll look for you for sure. We want to try and get some Timberman merchandise before they sell out.

    RAD70 - Good luck with the back my friend. I've been fortunate to as of yet not have a serious injury that derails training for more than a couple days. Usually sore ankles or knees or feet, but I did have a stiff back that prevented me from running or riding for a couple days at one point, so I know even minor back injuries can be a pain.

    Sparfy - You're going to kick butt next weekend. I'll be thinking about you while I'm riding my own race.