Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back to work, but not back to working out

This morning in the shower, I had another memory misstep. I simply could not remember the name of the college at BU that Rachelle is attending. I was thinking about it because of an email I'd read before I started getting ready for work. I kept coming up with Archer and other similar names that had a prominent A sound in the first syllable and a softer a or e sound in the second syllable. It took me about 10-15 minutes to remember "Sargent College". I drive by the building on average once a day. Plus I hear or talk about it often enough that I've never had trouble recalling the name before.

It's almost like I'm hearing a faded echo of specific memories but it takes a lot of effort to find the actual memory. Almost like my brain is making the effort to find a new path to it, like the old path is broken or blocked. It literally feels like there's a roadblock between the active thinking part (the processor and RAM in computerese) of my brain, and the storage (hard drive) part of my brain, like a cable has been snapped. I have to admit, I'm now more worried than I was a couple weeks ago. It just doesn't seem like it can be related to the header I took during Landmine because I had none of these symptoms a couple months ago.

Today Rach is swimming and riding right after she gets off work. Me, I'll be walking around the track. I guess it's something, but it's not much, and it's really frustrating that I can do so little. Especially as we approach 6 months from Mooseman, when I really need to start training.


  1. Hey Ben, hope things go better for you in 2011. Maybe your brain is just waiting for the new year to connect all of those wires?

  2. Yeah, best of luck in getting this figured out and going back to training!

  3. Ben, I hate to be the one to say this but until you get your head issues figured out the best thing you can do it take your 2011 goals and put them on ice. You have to take care of yourself and figuring out what is wrong has to be priority number one. Hopefully with the upcoming MRI some light can be shed on the situation and if nothing else rule out some other things including auto immune diseases, etc.

    This has to be a super frustrating time but be careful and do what you can do stay positive and slightly active. The Mooseman Tri and your other goal races won't (in all likelihood) fold up and disappear before 2012, so even if you have to postpone you'll still be able to succeed.

    Good luck and keep us posted. Derek

  4. Caratunk Girl - I hope so. At least the CT Scan said none of the wires are hanging loose.

    Ms. Duffy - Thanks so much for the kind words. And the follow too!

    Derek - Yeah, I will be sure to be cautious, but I'm not giving up on a race season thats still 5 months away anytime soon.