Monday, December 13, 2010

A little too much is still too much

A couple of years ago, I joined Weight Watchers at work, lost 40 pounds in 10 weeks and have kept it off. But I continue to lose the same 3 pounds only to regain it again a few days later. On Wednesday, I was 319.6, and feeling like I was on top of my food intake and focused on doing the right things.

By this morning I was back to 322.6, and feeling completely frustrated about how I'm doing. And it wasn't like I went out and ate like crap and did nothing all weekend.

Friday I was close to right on with my points, but I didn't have time to work out. I had a roast beef sub for dinner, and on Saturday morning, I was 320.6

Saturday afternoon, I spent 30 minutes doing cardio with the new snakebyte Wii Premium Fitness Board I am reviewing for Gaming Nexus. I followed that cardio time up with 15 minutes of core work, and by the time that was over, I was beat.

Saturday night , we had tickets for the Springfield Falcons game, and usually I am not on my best behavior at hockey games when it comes to eating. There's so much temptation, and very little available in the way of healthy options. I had a chicken caesar wrap, a side of fries, and a bottle of water for dinner. Then as a treat, I had a small serving of ice cream. I thought that was pretty good for a hockey game, but late in the game I gave in to temptation and had a mountain dew. Though it was less than 20 oz, it's still more calories than I had planned. 

Sunday Morning I was 321.6 and right back where I started a week and a half ago. I was determined to eat healthy on Sunday, and I mostly did. Oatmeal for breakfast, the lunch sized cobb salad at Cheesecake Factory, and some soup with bread for dinner. But I ate a bunch of the bread & butter they give you at cheesecake factory before the meal. And then following my bike workout in the evening (I did 4 miles on the rollers), I had a couple fiber bars and a glass of chocolate milk for recovery. Sure, I needed something after that really hard ride, but I didnt need as much as I had.

So, it's time to be a bit more regimented. I clearly need some rules to follow about my eating between now and the end of the year.

If it's fried, I'm not eating it. 
Other than lean roast beef, only 1 meal per week with red meat.
1 desert per week.
Every day, including Christmas and New Years eve, must be within my points totals
No sugar or high-fructose soda

Those four rules ought to make it easy to follow and yet give me enough leeway to not feel like I'm sacrificing everything. Now I just have to implement it in such a way that I can re-lose the 3 pounds from this weekend and at least get back to where I was before Wednesday.


  1. Good rules. I have such a hard time this time of year. Keep us posted on your success! :)