Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm not ready yet

It seems that my body is still under the impression that December is the off-season, and that I shouldn't be ramping up training right now. For the past few weeks, Ive been slowly playing catch up to the amount of training Rachelle's been doing. She seems to be a bit more prepared for the build up this year than I am. That's not to say I'm not getting through the workouts, I'm just really having to push to get through some of them.

Last nights workout was particularly grueling, the kind of workout that you know will make you better and stronger, but flat out sucks while you're in the middle of it. It was another bike workout, which I normally love, but this time we had a heavy focus on one-legged pedaling. We've done some of this before, and in short sessions it's ok, but we had 2 sets of 12 minutes of single leg pedaling, and it was freaking brutal. I have a bit of a hitch in my pedal stroke with my right leg, it's less smooth than my left, and it makes doing this exercise really tiring. And really, really good for me and my riding.

The past few days I've been complaining about working out. Not in the real "I don't want to do it" way, but rather in the "If you leave me alone, I'll wind up doing some workout, but not the one we had planned, but if you nag me a little, I'll go with you and do the one we have planned". These are the days I'm extra thankful to have a truly motivated person like Rachelle in my life. Yesterday was our first real snow, and I've just been really tired lately between work, Christmas prep, early darkness, and hard workouts. I wanted to stay inside and nap, but when I tried to Rach wound up being the one getting some rest. It's just not fair, I say.

All of this isn't real complaining, it's just kind of musing on the fact that things will be much harder in terms of the races we're doing and we need to work that much harder to prepare and my body is giving me a little push back right now. I think once Christmas has passed things will get easier to mentally overcome the resistance. Because when I get out about 80 miles into our big race, I need to have a really big reserve to dig into.


- Tomorrow is weigh in day, and I'm thinking I'll be flatlining this week. Just have to hope Chuck doesn't take too much of a lead going into the last week and a half.

- Thursday I'll be posting my review of the H2O Audio Flex earbuds.

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