Friday, December 17, 2010

Food Central

I am halfway through the period of time I'm calling Food Central. We had Rachelle's work party last night, and mine is in an hour. I will cop to having 3 beers, and a decent amount to appetizers, but I only had 1 serving of lasagna and 1 small slice of desert tart with blueberries and strawberries on it. When we got home Rach and I made 45 cannolis for my work party today. It was a 48 cannoli kit, so 3 were eaten between us. In my defense they were small cannolis.

Today there will essentially be 5 or 6 different meals at the same time of various themes to choose from. I am giving myself free reign to try multiple things from multiple meals but nothing bigger than a couple of fork fulls.

I didn't get on the scale this morning and won't again until tomorrow, but I am running this afternoon between work and hanging out with a friend this evening. I'll weigh in tomorrow and get back working on the challenge the minute this meal ends. I had red meat last night, so I'll effort to avoid that today, and I have successfully evaded fried food all week.

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  1. Good luck with the Food Central weekend. Sounds like a good plan. I love lasagna. Way to stay away from fried food! I was good this week (ok, minus the ring dings earlier this week)...Portions are my problem. Working on it. All we can do I guess!