Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The XTERRA Chubsmas Challenge: Week 1 Weigh in!

What a difference a week makes. Last week at this time, Chuck and I were just throwing back smart ass ideas to do a weight loss contest. Now here we are a week later, and we have a contest, stakes for winning/losing, a name for the contest and even an (un)official sponsor.

Chuck chose the name of the contest, dubbing it the "Chubsmas Challenge" which is wonderful in both it's humor, and the fact that it gives me something to call it. This is important because not having a formal name makes it hard to write about. Then, as noted before, the stakes: If Chuck loses he'll perform Lady Gaga's Bad Romance as a sing along with Rock Band in a fashion similar to this video from "On the Rocks" a participant in last nights episode of NBC's Sing Off.

Of course, Chuck's version won't be as good, but it will be entertaining, and that's the whole point. If I lose (which won't happen), I will have to dance along to the Ke$ha tune "Tik Tok". Like I said, I'm not gonna lose, but that does sound kinda fun anyways. I'm mostly shameless, if you don't already know that about me.

And then last night, one of the fine folks from XTERRA Wetsuits was kind enough to add a comment saying thanks for talking about the wetsuit I bought and wanted to offer Chuck and I each something for being part. So now, though they're just giving us backpacks and it has nothing to do with the outcome, I am hereby dubbing this event the XTERRA Chubsmas Challenge.

Further, I'm now inspired to get more sponsors. Do you work for a company that wants to sponsor this death food defying challenge? I've got a great idea, in that I'll simply add your name to the title of the contest either at the front of the back of the title. Ideally, by this time next week it'll be the Bentley XTERRA Nike Chubsmas Challenge sponsored by Diet Mt Dew, GulfStream and Playstation Move. Or something like that. Hopefully with more of a triathlon feel, but you get the idea.

So now, you've read this far and you're thinking "where the heck are the weigh in numbers?" Well, they're right here:

Ben: 321.6 - 319.6 = 2.0 pounds lost
Chuck: 255 - 254 = 1.0 pounds lost

Both contestants lament a week of missed opportunities and a couple of poor meal choices but still managed to lose some weight. We both have a lot of work to do if we're going to hit at least the 10 pound goal set forth in the Fatty Challenge. The good news is that week 1 is always the hardest, but we still managed to drop.

Next week will be much better both in terms of results and stuff to share as we also tie in some of our favorite motion based gaming and exer-gaming products into the contest.


- The 18 folks from WWMS competing in the USAT's National Challenge Competition are off to a great start! With just a few members times in so far for the first week, we're already 5th in our division in overall miles and 6th in terms of swim miles. Nationally, we're 33rd, and we're not even 1/2 done getting in our first weeks results.

- I got home pretty late last night after the BU Women's hockey game, but I got on the rollers for a while anyways. I guess that shows how much I want to beat Chuck. I did 3 miles consecutively other than 1 balance check where I had to put my foot on the chair for about 10 seconds. It was a far better ride than I had done in about a week on the rollers.

- I've gotten a little wussy about the cold weather here, but I am going to go run tonight and every other 2nd night between now and 1/1.

- Untrue Chuck Fact: Chuck once walked an old lady the wrong way across an intersection in the freezing cold, just because he wanted to.

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