Monday, December 20, 2010

Oops! Did I just eat that?

So, To put it mildly my time in Food Central didn't go exactly as planned. Thursday night I had 3 beers, a plate of dinner, some appetizers and dessert. Sure, not as bad as I could have been, but not as good as I'd have liked. Friday, I fell straight into the trap that a pot luck holiday is and didn't leave until I had a rather full plate plus some seconds. While I had avoided fried food for a week, I didn't do so hot on Friday, including my boss bringing McDonald's fries and another co-worker making hamburger wrapped hot dogs with cheese. I didn't even know that was a food! It was really good though. Rach & I's cannoli's went over really well, and I only had a small one.

But then my friend Jim Zubkavich (aka Zub) was in town for the weekend, and long story short we had an awesome time on Friday which included a midnight trip to McDonald's where I ate not 1 but 2 sandwiches. I don't know that many people in Boston and though I have met some really great people, I'm not all that close with them yet, so it was nice to have a friend I've known for a long time around for just a few days. He'll be back in March for PAX East, along with Chuck and a crew of writers from Gaming Nexus.

I am happy to report that Saturday and Sunday went significantly better. Saturday, we went to the gym for a bike and swim, and found that there have been high end exercise cycles in the gym since late summer that we didn't know about. Using the X-Dream system, these bikes essentially act as a mountain bike simulator as opposed to an exercise bike. We had an hour bike workout planned, but the head to head racing was so hard, we did four different 5 minute races and were flat exhausted. It really kicked our butts. It felt far more like being on a real bike than any other cycling I've done in doors except my rollers. Then we got in the pool for around 55 minutes and I got in 1600 yards. Other than a box of sno caps and a hot dog while watching Tron on friday night, I ate pretty carefully as well.

Sunday I ate great, did a 4 mile run in my new shoes (just a new pair like my old ones), and really worked hard on making good choices. Because we aren't going to any other parties. it should be fairly easy to avoid overeating the rest of the holidays.


- I'll be finishing up my review of the H20 Audio Flex headset in the next couple days, and they're definitely worth a go if you ever run in the rain. Right now, they're on sale at 2 pairs for $50 at Just add 2 pair to your cart and the price drops. No codes or anything needed to get the deal.

- I'm really get excited for Christmas. Not that it's triathlon related, other than I'll finally get to unwrap my wetsuit again and get my tri stuff organized. I probably should have moved a Garmin 305 to the top of my list, but if I don't get it, I can always buy one in the spring before racing season.

- We don't yet have a sponsor for Wednesday weigh in. If no one steps up, I may have to get creative.


  1. Sounds like things are going well!! Ah, the McDonalds - you know, just keep looking forward and focus on your success. Cool to see a close friend in a city full of not so close friends!

  2. I hope you get the Garmin 305. Love mine! So hard to eat well at holiday parties. Sounds like you are on track after your workouts this weekend. Keep up the great work!

  3. Caratunk Girl - Yep, I was only frustrated about McDonalds mostly because I can't let Chuck beat me at the weigh ins! It's going better now.

    Barb - I really hope I get one too!