Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The XTERRA Chubsmas Challenge powered by H20 Audio: Week 2 Weigh in!

First off, welcome aboard to the fine folks at H20 Audio as sponsors of the contest. They were kind enough to send along a pair of Flex waterproof/sweatproof headphones for my review, and sending free stuff during December gets your name on the challenge.

Anyways, so instead of making everyone "weight" around for the numbers *zing*, here they are:

Chuck 255-251 = 4 pounds lost in 2 weeks
Ben 321.6 - 316.5 = 5.1 pounds lost in 2 weeks

Thankfully we're doing this on Wednesdays as both Chuck and I have had tough weekends and had to burn off homemade holiday cookies or excess food at the hockey game. The challenge really ramps up this week as I have 2 holiday parties in the next 48 hours plus a friend in from out of town on Saturday night. The hardest part of me is that my responsibility for one of those parties is to provide a dessert. Seriously, how is that fair? I'm bringing Cannoli's for the party because my groups theme is Italian. I should have volunteered to bring something I don't at all like, say Raspberry flavored Italian ice with raspberries on top.

Chuck has some stuff upcoming as well, so it will be interesting. That last week of the year in particular will be a challenge because the Blue Jackets have 5 home games between now and the end of the year. I don't know how many of those Chuck has tickets to but I'm guessing it's a couple. Maybe I should send him some more tickets and food vouchers for the games to boot.

What's not fair to Chuck in this contest is the 60 pound starting weight difference, because while I've lost 1 more pound than he has, I've actually lost only the smallest percentage points more of my body weight. Chucks lost 1.568 percent, while I have lost 1.585 percent. So even with percentage I'm winning, but it's SUPER CLOSE. Maybe I should get him a subscription to Wine and Cheese of the month club with rush delivery.

When we were shopping for the Cannoli's at CostCo the other night, I saw a box of frozen veggie burgers and decided to pick it up. A little known fact about me is that I was a vegetarian for 3 years in my late teens and early 20's. I figured it was better for me and better for the animals. I still managed to gain weight during that period, but I did eat fairly healthy, and one of the things I ate then were Boca Burgers. They're tasty, non-fat, vegan, and only 2 points per burger. With the sandwich thins ketchup and a slice of cheese, its a grand total of 7 points. A couple healthy sides and I got a good meal under 13 points.

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  1. Good job! Keep working at it Ben, hope to see you at a few more mountain bike races in 2011.