Friday, March 5, 2010

Bachelor weekend

Rachelle and the fine ladies of the BU Women's hockey team are off to the final weekend of the Hockey East tournament. She'll be gone through tomorrow evening, and if they win tomorrow, Sunday evening. (Go Terriers!)

This leaves me to my own devices for at least 36 hours. Back in the day (and by this I mean last fall, or any time she's traveled in the past, or before I met her); bachelor weekends meant pizza for perhaps all 3 meals of a day, two liters of Mt. Dew, and very little movement.

Nowadays, I still make sure to enjoy my time apart, I just do it smarter. I'm planning a 2 hour swim and gym tonight, followed by watching hockey and playing video games to relax. Tomorrow starts with cleaning, a swim lesson with the triathlon team, going to see a train layout and cleaning.

The challenge when I'm alone is just being sure to mix in healthy foods, and in appropriate quantities. I've spent a majority of my extra 35 points for the week today, so I am looking to earn a few back tonight. I'm jonesing for some Berryline, a low calorie frozen yogurt thats just awesome, covered in fresh blueberries or strawberries. It's something that is easy to mix into a healthy diet and still lose weight. 25 calories per ounce. If only all food were that way.

If Rach comes home sunday, it's back to the usual routines. If not, I'll spend sunday relaxing and cleaning. If the weather turns as predicted, I'll be getting bike out for the first time. I'm dying to put some use to my Project Rudy gear and see how the rear wheel I had built last fall holds up under a good hard ride. I didn't put it through too much last fall, but it's going to see a lot of action this year.

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