Monday, March 29, 2010

A successful weekend

It's funny how we as people measure things. Months, pounds and inches are all arbitrary decisions we use to determine the size or length of something. Success and failure are just as flexible in their use. With that I am going to put my own spin on the meaning of success in terms of how my weekend went.

No, I'm not going to stretch it that far
In case you missed it before the blog went down for a couple days, this past weekend was PAX East. PAX East is a video game convention being held right here in Boston. Being that I live here, 3 of my buddies from Columbus came and crashed here and we spent 3 great days at the conference. It was only the first year for the convention, but it was a lot of fun, sold out for all 3 days, and had a lot of great panels, discussions, displays, and freebies. 

Of course conventions mean a lot of very slow walking, even more standing still, and deafeningly loud sound effects and music. It also means only eating at home once all weekend, drinking beer, and consuming about a salt lick worth of sodium. There's the mandatory morning caffeine, pizza lunches, and the pizza dinners to follow it up. Thats the way it usually works. But not this year.

This year I ate controlled portions at every meal. This year, I only drank real soda when no other choice presented itself. This year I had breakfast at home twice, plus dinner at home Sunday. This year I had pizza just once the whole weekend. This year, I tried to avoid sodium whenever possible. This year, I did great. Even at Rachelle's birthday dinner (shout out to the hot lady who turned 23 yesterday), I only had 2 Mc Ultra's.

In the end, I gained a pound; 316.2 as of this morning. It's likely salt and the fact that I didnt have any meaningful workouts beyond the slow walk. Rach and I had a good hard swim tonight so hopefully I'll be faring better tomorrow morning when I get on the scale (I had a piece of leftover birthday cake after dinner, so maybe not).

Just 2 more days until the first morning of the new month. Gotta drop those last few pounds to get back to 313 or below before then.

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