Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm (not) ready for the season...

So, now that we've gotten some great nutrition information from Coach Buxton, and I relayed the overwhelming drama whined about the Morning of Temptation; lets get back to getting ready for the season. Last we left our hero, he had just finished breaking his wifes new bike computer mounting. Hoping to make amends, I went back to working on the bikes Wednesday night.

I went through all of the things you need to spend time on (tires, chain, brakes and shifters), and got both bikes ready for at least the first few rides of the season. Sadly, the weather and my schedule didn't cooperate until Friday afternoon. I went into work early specifically so I could get out early for some daylight riding time. 

As soon as I got home, I gave the bike a quick once over, got dressed, and headed out.

This bike is the kind of accessory that could make anyone sexy.

Ok, I may have oversold the bike a bit.

It only took about 1/4 of a mile for me to realize I wasn't ready for the season.
  • I forgot my bike gloves. After riding nothing more than a stationary bike for months, a simple mistake like this could be excused, if it had been just this. Still, riding without gloves is kinda like riding without bike shorts. Any place where parts of you stay in contact with the bike you want protected.
  • I forgot to put on my Took under my helmet, and it was bone chilling cold. The thermometer on my car lied when it said 51 degrees. My bike thermometer said 43, and it felt more like 35. I've ridden in all seasons, even in snow, and this is the coldest I've ever been. Not whole body cold, but my ears and face felt like they'd frozen solid and fallen off. The wind along the water is cold
  • After all the time on the trainer, my bike feels small. For a tall guy, I'm not very long legged, my bike isn't terribly tall. This would be fine except I'm long (and wide) in the torso so getting down into the bike felt strange. I definitely need to look at a new bike later this season, and for now will need to make adjustments  to better fit the one I've got.
  • No amount of virtual grading can take the place of pulling my fat butt around on real roads. The miles on the trainer weren't a waste of time, but I'll be making the adjustments to the bike ASAP so I can start getting road miles in.
I wound up doing only about 3 miles in 15 minutes. I felt fast to open, getting up to 20 MPH without much effort, but couldnt sustain it for very long. Part of it is getting the proper fit on my bike now that I've ridden enough to understand what that should be; the other part was the damn cold. Maybe being inside all winter has sissified me a bit. But there's a reason why the professional triathletes are all currently taking road trips to warmer climes in order to get used to being outdoors again.

I had planned on some nice scenic shots of the Charles and surrounding areas, but it was gray and bleh out, so I'll save those shots for later this week when my hands are warm enough to use the camera.

On top of the cold, it started raining not long after I finished my ride Friday afternoon, and will continue to do so until some time tomorrow. 

Maybe it's ok that I'm not ready yet; right now that stationary bike is looking awfully good.


  1. I hate when the weather does not play nice. The rain has finally ended here so hopefully it will end there for you shortly. I know running in it has not been fun. Take those scenic shots - I miss Boston!

  2. Barb - Noah was able to land the ark this morning. The rain stopped and the sun came out. We've still got serious flooding in the parks all along the river, and potholes all over the streets. But with 50's and 60's with sun the rest of the week, I expect to get out and get some rides (and scenic shots) in shortly.