Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March: The halfway point

Last night, Rach and I hit the pool for a 1800 yard workout. This isn't the longest distance I've done, but it's the longest I've done since totally remaking my swim stroke at the swimming clinic. The reason being is that this new stroke makes me a faster and more powerful swimmer; I haven't really figured out how to breathe properly yet. Between keeping the core tight and thrusting with the hip on each stroke, it feels like it's pushing the air out of my lungs.

I'm getting better though, as I can go 50 or 75 yards now and keep my speed relatively constant at or below 30 seconds per 25 yards before neeing a break. In fact, I managed to sprint out 25 yards in 25 seconds during the middle of last nights workout, and was still around 30 seconds in last 25 yards. Which is significantly faster than I was in December, on average about 5 - 7 seconds faster per 25 yds.

It really feels good to be able to see improvement. In fact, during our workouts, while Rachelle was able to swim for longer distance without stopping, I continually was able to beat her from one end of the pool to the other. (But don't tell her I brought that up, OK?)

The other news for today is that I've been really sticking to my points lately. Packing lunch every day, avoiding most deserts and liquid calories. We've also been eating at home a lot more, with only the occasional venture to a fast food or sandwich place.

This brings me to the real point of todays post. March has 31 days, making the 16th the midpoint of the month. You may remember back at the beginning of the month, I was frustrated by the fact that I had just missed losing 5 pounds in February by a single day. Well last months lack of loss is this months gain loss.

When I got on the scale at the gym last night after the swim, it said I 314.2. The gym scale is of the high end digital variety. Our home scale is of the cheap digital variety. The gym scale is usually a little lower than our home scale; to the point where Rach and I both have lamented that we can't bring the gym scale home with us. This is why I was a little surprised to see 313.2 as the result of my morning weigh-in today. I knew I had blasted through last nights workout, and I knew that I was feeling the effort during the process. And I knew I'd been losing weight after most of my hard swims. But I had no idea I was going to see such a dramatic loss from it.

I've been drinking appropriate amounts of water, so it isn't just water loss. While I find myself pretty hungry before each meal, I don't feel like I'm anything under where I'm supposed to be. I'm not hungry to the point of serious craving or urges to binge. I've been counting my points pretty well and watching my portions. As the workouts have increased in intensity, I've even eaten a couple of late night snacks in order to feel satisfied enough to sleep. And I've kept the late night snacks to sensible things like half a peanut butter sandwich or the like.

Honestly, it feels really good to be having such a successful month following one that was less so. Now I just need to keep plugging away and be mindful of the temptations that the big events at the end of this month and the first half of next month will bring.

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