Friday, March 19, 2010

Fridays News and Notes

  • I've taken the last couple of days off from working out. Between some serious workouts and generally not getting enough sleep, I was feeling pretty worn down. I enjoyed my St. Patricks Day, and even ate a little more than planned, but still within reason. 
  • Weight was up a little bit, 314 (point something). It's that transient weight from too much salt the past couple days. 
  • 6 months ago today, Rach and i stood in a small church outside Toronto and said our vows. We're celebrating this mini milestone (In Hollywood, this would be our golden jubilee; here in real life it's a footnote) by getting in a good hard swim and following it with a salad from Cheesecake Factory.
  • The weather here today is gorgeous but work and scheduled workouts are getting in the way. We'll definitely be outside as much of this weekend as possible though.
  • Tomorrow is the Multisport World Expo and I'm excited. Missing out on the gift bag stinks, but I'll bring a backpack, and hope to build my own from walking the show floor. There will be tons of things to see and learn, and I expect to come out of the event both smarter (and poorer).
  • I'm starting to slowly look at new bikes again. I might not be budgeted to buy one right now, but some of last years models can still be had for far cheaper than retail.
  • You may have heard by now that Tony Kornheiser is a Jackass. I'm not going to waste much time commenting on this; Tony knows sports but he also knows the taste of his own shoe leather. I'm a pro-cycling person (obviously) but I also own a small SUV and believe fully in the "Share the Road" concept. I think over time, between better urban planning and increasing attempts to live in harmony with our planet will prove the benefits of cycling as a method of local travel. Until such time, there will be idiots whose opinions we'll have to hear and ultimately change.
I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and gets to spend some time running, swimming, or on the back of a bike in this beautiful weather.

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